Pope Paul VI Has Gone to God

Sunday, Aug. 6, 1978

Pope Paul VI in 1963

Pope Paul VI in 1963

Pope Paul VI, 1897-1978” (ABC News Report)

Pope Paul VI Dies After Heart Attack: Death of ‘Pilgrim Pope’ Comes While Resting Up From Illness; Carillons Peel, Lights Turn Off, as Word of the Death Spreads (UPI)

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy — Pope Paul VI, the Pilgrim Pope who traveled six continents preaching Christian unity but whose pontificate left the Roman Catholic church divided, died Sunday following a heart attack. He was 80.

Within minutes, papal palace guards dressed in mustard uniforms knelt down, crossed themselves and prayed through suppressed sobs in the cobblestoned square outside the palace, 15 miles south of Rome.

Archbishop Gaetano Bonicelli said the pope’s final words were: “The death of a pope is like that of other men, but it can always teach others something.”

Paul VI: Helmsman in the Storm (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Pope Paul VI Guided the Church Through Era of Change (New York Times)

What do you think Pope Paul VI’s greatest legacy will be?

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