Casting Crowns — Day 4

Tuesday, Aug. 29, 1978

Pope Believed Planning Simple Coronation Rite (AP)


The Papal Tiara of Pope Paul VI

ROME — This Sunday’s installation of Pope John Paul I probably will be the simplest and least pompous coronation in modern history, Vatican officials said Monday. This time…the Vatican isn’t even calling it a coronation.

The papal tiara, the elaborate beehive-shaped headdress with origins dating back to the third century, has been a traditional part of coronation ceremonies, but probably will not be used this Sunday.

Pope Paul wore a tiara that cost an estimated $10,000 given him by his former diocese of Milan for his coronation on June 30, 1963. But Pope Paul gave it to U.S. Cardinal Francis Spellman in 1964 as evidence of his concern for the world’s poor, and it was used to raise money for charity. It is presently [on permanent display] at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

How Pope Will Handle Big Issues Not Clear (AP)

VATICAN CITY — How Pope John Paul I will tackle the major issues dividing the Roman Catholic Church — birth control, the ordination of women and priestly celibacy — remain a mystery, and the hints attributed to him are unclear.


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