Earlier Written Works — Day 8

Illustrissimi, first published in 1976

Illustrissimi, first published in 1976

Saturday, Sept. 2, 1978

Papal Best Seller (AP)

A book called “Illustrissimi,” (“Most Illustirous Men”) a volume of satirical letters by Albino Luciani, became an instant best-seller when he was elevated to become Pope John Paul I.

The future pope’s book includes letters to Jesus Christ, King David, Pinocchio, Empress Mary Theresa of Austria, Figaro the Barber, and others.

The Pre-Papal ‘Letters’ of John Paul Reviewed Everything from Charismatics to the Beatles (People Magazine)

The Pope I Want (New Republic)

William F. Buckley’s thoughts come to press about a week too late, but they remain interesting reading:

On the understanding that I am neither theologian nor close observer of Vatican politics, I write as a lay Catholic about the events precipitated by the death of Pope Paul. So to speak, I write as a consumer of Catholicism; or as one shareholder in the enterprise, always with the understanding that the pope has all the voting stock. These metaphors, I confidently believe, will not upset the Holy Spirit.

Other Christian Leaders Join Pope in Prayer (AP)

VATICAN CITY — Pope John Paul I prayed with leaders of other Christian churches [today] and recited the Lord’s Prayer in English with them in a sign of unity on the eve of his installation.

Assuming your letter could reach them and perhaps even change their story, which fictional or historical person would you write to and what would you tell them?


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