The Church, Papacy, & Priesthood — Day 15

Saturday, Sept. 9, 1978

Pre-papacy quotations from Albino Luciani, who became Pope John Paul I.

On the Church:

“In the modern state, authority comes from the grassroots. They elect representatives and confer upon them power, control its exercise and possibly take it back. In the Church it is different. Christ established the essential features once and for all. Christ himself — and not the grassroots — confers authority on the pope and the bishops, also specifying in what way it should be exercised. That is, with a style of service, to the full and only advantage of the faithful who should be as younger brothers to their pastors rather than subjects, embarked on the vessel of the Church not as passengers but as the co-responsible crew.”

From a 1977 homily on the papacy:

“It requires of him especially three things: continuous and involved teaching, a dialogue unknown in previous times and loyalty to the (Second Vatican) Council.”

From a recent article on the priesthood:

“I hear people saying: The priest has lost his identity card. It is not so. Let’s not lose too much time asking who we are, because it is not a question of defining our priesthood but of living it. The example of Christ is before our eyes: Meek and humble, chaste, poor, and obedient.”


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