His American Cousin — Day 20

Thursday, Sept. 14, 1978

American Cousin Recalls Pope As Smiling Boy (AP)

“People give you strange looks when you tell them you are the pope’s cousin,” [admitted 79-year-old Silvio Luciani, a retired bricklayer from Marysville, Michigan.] “They move away and think you are crazy.”

Cousin Predicted Pope’s Election (AP)

“I’ll never forget the first time I saw him. My wife and I went to Venice. He was living in a castle there. He said he wanted to give us a good welcome, so he gave us Coca-Cola to drink. The new pope likes his Coca-Cola,” he said with a smile.

Bricklayer Meets His Cousin (AP)

Pope John Paul met [today] with his American cousin Silvio Luciani… in an audience along with other relatives before their return home. Lucinai, first cousin of the pope, emigrated to the United States more than 50 years ago. He and the pope were born in the same village in the Italian Dolomites.

Who is the most famous person you are related or connected to, and what can you tell us about him or her?


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