True Reform Does Not Deform — Day 25

Tuesday, Sept. 19, 1978

Some of Albino Luciani’s thoughts on irresponsible theologians and the pitfalls of Church reform in the post-conciliar years before he became Pope John Paul I.

From a 1976 homily referring to a French priest and doctor, Marc Oraison, who said that homosexual (romantic) love was Christian:

“If a priest preaches like he does then everything is ruined. Now even nuns are starting to dress like young ladies, and what about certain theologians? They have forgotten that a theologian is not just someone who speaks of God but also speaks to God. How many of them speak to Him and help us speak to Him?”

From a 1974 article on theologians:

“We cross sometimes into fiction-theology instead of theology. Certain working hypotheses could go by if announced in high-level reviews or congresses. On the contrary, we find them in all newspapers. Some, instead of limiting themselves to being vanguard theologians, become, according to the expression of Hans Kung, sniper-theologians.”

On change in the Church:

“It is necessary to know how to build on top of what exists, often being content with what we already have.”

In other news, as part of his ecumenical efforts, John Paul meets today with a delegation from the Syrian-Orthodox Church. In the first century, it was at Antioch (in modern-day Syria) that followers of the Way were called “Christiansfor the first time.


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