Cardinal Ratzinger on JPI — Day 28

Friday, Sept. 22, 1978

A good while after John Paul I’s election, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger shared his reflections on the pope and the conclave that elected him in a magazine interview. (Thirty Days Magazine)

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger“It is true that the German-speaking cardinals met a few times,” Cardinal Ratzinger said. “These meetings were attended by Cardinals Joseph Schröffer, former prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education; Joseph Höffner, archbishop of Cologne; Franz König, archbishop of Vienna, and Alfred Bengsch, archbishop of Berlin. Paulo Evaristo Arns and Aloisio Lorscheider, Brazilian cardinals of German origin, also met. It was a small group. We didn’t want to decide anything at all. We only wanted to speak. I let myself be guided by Providence, listening to the names and seeing how consensus was finally formed around the patriarch of Venice.”

After John Paul I was elected, “I felt very happy. To have as pastor of the universal Church a man of that goodness and luminous faith was a guarantee that everything was going well. He himself was very surprised and felt the weight of his great responsibility. It was obvious that he suffered somewhat because of this. He did not expect to be elected. He was not a man who sought a career.”

“Personally, I am totally convinced that he [is] a saint, because of his great goodness, simplicity, humanity and great courage,” the cardinal said. “He [has] the courage to say things with great clarity, even if he [has] to go against current opinions.”

What is your favorite written work by Cardinal Ratzinger and why?


One thought on “Cardinal Ratzinger on JPI — Day 28

  1. I think my favorite work by Benedict was The Ratzinger Report put on in 1985. Just a few years after becoming the head of the CDF, he pretty much diagnosed the problems facing the Church very honestly bluntly and frankly. He said the collapse of the Mass or Liturgy was in his opinion one if not the Main cause because he tried in his eight years as Pope to restore the central idea of Liturgy the worship of God not a Community Meal of fellowship. He was and still is a great writer and I hope after he dies he will be made a Saint and a Doctor of the Church, because of his wisdom.

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