Friday, Sept. 29, 1978

Pope John Paul Dies of Heart Attack After 34-Day Reign (AP)

VATICAN CITY — Pope John Paul I, the humble “little man” elected pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church just 34 days ago, died of a heart attack in his bed late Thursday. The 65-year-old pope’s reign was one of the shortest in history but his warmth and good humor had nonetheless endeared him to millions.

Tears Flow in the Church of the Pope’s Hometown (AP)

World Shocked, Grieved at Death (UPI, AP)

Papal Health Care Debated (AP)

VATICAN CITY — The death of two popes within two months has touched off an international debate on medical care at the Vatican.

Mourning: Thousands View Pope’s Body As Vatican Prepares Funeral (AP)

VATICAN CITY — Thousands of mourners, many weeping openly, filed past the body of Pope John Paul I today as the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church planned the pontiff’s funeral for Wednesday [Oct. 4] and set Oct. 14 to begin the conclave that will choose his successor.

Catholics Bid Fond Farewell to Pope John Paul (AP)

The Tomb of Pope John Paul I

The Tomb of Pope John Paul I

Pope John Paul I: “He Only Had Time to be Loved” (Reuters, UPI)

Pontiff’s Activities Summarized: Pope’s Popularity Was Immediate (AP)

In Spite of His Brief Time, John Paul Left His Own Legacy (AP)

Unfinished Business Will Greet New Pope (AP)

Will the Holy Men Choose Another Like John Paul? (William Montalbano)

U.S. Cardinals Say: New Pope Should be like St. Peter, John Paul I (AP)

What do you see as the providential purposes of John Paul I’s papacy?


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